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State Courts

Arbitration is supported in Portugal by a network of state courts. Among other matters, the assistance from local courts includes the appointement of arbitrators and decisions on challenge to arbitrators, decisions on arbitrators’ fees, grant of interim relief, set aside, recognition and enforcement of awards.

The matters related to the appointment and challenge of arbitrators, arbitrators’ fees, appeal and setting aside of the award, as well as the recognition of foreign arbitral awards are decided by the Court of Appeal (“Tribunal da Relação”), subject to revision before the Supreme Court of Justice (“Supremo Tribunal de Justiça”). All other matters are decided by the courts of first instance (“Tribunais de Comarca”).

Supreme Court of Justice

Praça do Comércio, 1149-012 Lisboa Portugal | T + (351) 213218900 | |

Porto Court of Appeal

Palácio da Justiça | Campo dos Mártires da Pátria 4099-012 Porto | T +(351) 222092600 | |

Guimarães Court of Appeal

Largo João Franco, 248 4800-413 Guimarães | T +(351) 253439900 | |

Lisbon Court of Appeal

Rua do Arsenal Letra G 1100-038 Lisboa | T +(351) 213222900 | |

Coimbra Court of Appeal

Palácio da Justiça Rua da Sofia 3004-501 Coimbra | T +(351) 239852950 | |

Évora Court of Appeal

(Palácio Barahona) Rua da República, 141 - 143 7004-501 Évora | T +(351) 266758811 | |