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The Online Guide to Portuguese Arbitration aims at providing information and high-level advice on arbitration in Portugal or any arbitration with a Portuguese element.

It takes into consideration the nuances and specificities of the Portuguese jurisdiction and the legal framework applicable to this mechanism of dispute resolution, particularly as set out in the Portuguese Voluntary Arbitration Law (PAL – Law 63/2011 of 14 December 2011). It also takes into consideration some applicable provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure and case law.

The Online Guide deals with all aspects of arbitration by describing the main features of a Portuguese arbitral process, from the preparation of a valid arbitration agreement to the enforcement of arbitral awards.

In the Guide to Portuguese Arbitration you will find:

– The Case Law section (a searchable collection of decisions rendered by the Portuguese courts dealing with issues related to arbitration)

– The Guide to Portuguese Arbitration (the guide itself,  drafting of dispute resolution clauses, recognition and enforcement of awards, state immunity and arbitration)

– The Portuguese Arbitration Law (full text of the “PAL”)

– A Knowledge database (containing the main features of arbitration in
Portugal, the reasons to chose Portugal as arbitral seat, arbitral
institutions, state courts and references to other Portuguese speaking

– News and events

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