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Lisbon Court of Appeal | Impartiality and Independence of Arbitrators | Challenge of Arbitrator | 01-02-2018 | Case #023

Lisbon Court of Appeal
Date: 01-02-2018
Case Nr. 1320/17.0YRLSB-8


The Arbitrator’s prior opinion on a given issue does not in itself imply a lack of independence or impartiality.


  1. The fact that the arbitrator has an opinion about certain issues does not in itself imply lack of impartiality or impartiality.
  2. In certain specialized areas, the same arbitrators may be habitually appointed. This would not affect their impartiality and independence.


This case summary was kindly prepared by Sameer Thakur (, NALSAR University of Law), Rishabh Raheja, (, NALSAR University of Law), and Abhishek Babbar (